How to Apply for Malaysia eNTRI Visa Online?

Malaysia is an incredibly diverse country and a very interesting place for tourists. Do you know about a nice thing in Malaysia?  The Malaysian government is giving special discounts to tourists from India and China, which is known as eNTRI Visa. The main purpose of the introduction of visa-friendly steps for Indian and Chinese tourists is to improve Malaysian tourism industry. If you’re a traveler and a citizen of India or China, you can get benefited by this. Here, we’re going to explain how you can apply for Malaysia eNTRI Visa online.

What is Malaysia eNTRI Visa?

eNTRI stands for Electronic Travel Registration & Information. This is an online application facility provided by the Malaysian government for facilitating a visa waiver program and access to Indian and Chinese tourists. An eNTRI Note will be issued as a proof of registration and it must be displayed at the time of entry into Malaysia. eNTRI Malaysia is a single entry visa program that offers all Indian and Chinese citizens the opportunity to travel solo in Malaysia, except for expatriates living in Singapore. If you get an eNTRI approval, you can stay in Malaysia for a maximum of fifteen days for each excursion. Each application is allowed to use only once and you can’t extend your staying time. 

How to apply for Malaysia eNTRI Visa

You can apply for Malaysia eNTRI visa by using the official website of Malaysia Immigration.

Step-1: Very first go to the official website and register. If you’re a returning user and already have an account, then just log in by clicking on “I am a returning user”. Please keep in mind that every login only allows email address and one passport. While you’re applying for multiple people, then you have to make multiple accounts. An email is sent for verification (once you register yourself) to the registered email address. Once verified, you may start filling all the details to apply for your Malaysia visa online.

Step-2: Secondly, by using your registered username and password, just login. Fill up the form correctly with your information.

Documents need to submit for Malaysia eNTRI Visa

  • Scan copy of your valid passport’s first two pages. You need to upload the scan copy and every details must clear in the scan copy.
  • Return ticket to your country or residence.
  • The specific plan of travel
  • Accommodation
  • Passports’ Photograph with white background is only allowed.

Keep in mind that right after you make the payment, the application for Malaysia eNTRI Note can’t be cancelled, modified or refunded as your application has been submitted to the Malaysian Immigration system. You can’t apply within the next three months and you will have to wait until the first application period to re-apply. To get an Emergency Visa, Malaysia eVISA online apply is an alternative way.

No matter what you're traveling by air or by land, you must keep the following documents with you while entering Malaysia:

  • eNTRI note
  • Passport with six month validity
  • Bank Statement as a proof of sufficient amount of money to stay and spend. Usually they don't ask for this, but if they ask, you have to show.
  •  The specific plan of travel
  • Accommodation proof
  • Boarding Pass
  • Confirmed Return ticket to your country or residence.

You can apply for Malaysia eNTRI visa by using the official website of Malaysia Immigration. But keep in mind that, if you’re unable to fill out the application accurately, your application will be rejected and the Visa fees won’t be returned. So it will be a good idea to use a reliable visa agent like We'll help you to get Malaysia evisa approval in the shortest possible time.